Diagnostic Tools - Distributor

Effective November 1, 2014, the current version of the CORE Diagnostic Tool is available free of charge to all users while we develop the next generation of this tool. Distributor, Freight, and Partner are no longer available for new subscriptions as of this date.

Distributor™ is designed to aid your company in identifying the best distributor or agent to use specific to your product and market characteristics when opening up to new markets. One of the principal advantages of using intermediaries, such as a distributor, is their ability to penetrate foreign markets without you directly getting involved in all the complexities and risks of exporting. This tool uses criteria such as the distributor's commitment to your business, financial strength, marketing skills, and product-related factors to evaluate each candidate. Upon completion of the work-session, agent's strengths and weaknesses are identified. In addition, you can compare distributors side-by-side.

Distributor Screen Shot

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