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International Business


Weiden, Bavaria, Germany

Start Date

October 1, 2019


February 29, 2020

Job Description

We are looking for a lecturer in the area "regional studies - Romania". The course is part of our new Bachelor in International Business.

Course load: A total of 30 hours à 45 min. plus the exam, probably best as a block course.

Contents of the seminar: Regional Studies: Romania‘.

The course language is English.

The goal is to provide an overview of the country with a strong emphasis on practical knowledge, i.e. the nuts and bolts of Romania. What knowledge is helpful or even essential when interacting with Romanian students, colleagues or business partners? Economy: General economic structure of the country; integration into the market of the European Union. What challenges do Romanian businesses face today? How do you found a company? What are important business networks? Are there any special customs in business interactions? History: What are the historic roots of the country? Important milestones that have an impact on current events? Politics: Transformation of the political system; what are current political challenges (minorities, corruption, structural change, relationship with the EU…) Civilization: Education system, language, Romanian cuisine, art and music scene.

Methods: Seminar structure with case studies, discussions, group work and short presentations.

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