Fossil Fuels

This segment is composed of establishments that operate fossil fuel powered electric power generation facilities.

Nuclear Power

Companies in this segment operate generation plants to provide electricity to transmission and distribution systems.

Renewable Energy

There are various types of renewable energy in this particular segment. These include wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectricity, and biomass.

The Energy industry is Concentrated. The production in this industry is dominated by a many large firms that are capable of shaping the industry’s direction and price levels.

Primary Demand Drivers

  • Commercial, government, and residential needs for electrical power (which mainly depend on economic activity and population growth)

Profitability Drivers

  • Government regulations
  • Fuel costs

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The shift to green technology has been highly covered throughout media and it is agreed on by many exports that improving society’s sustainability will be key in our future economic, technological, and health advancement.  Recently, the United States’ Exxon Mobil declared its new plan to increase investment in an emerging area of carbon reduction: carbon capture technology.  Although this move may appear to be simply another example of a company moving toward sustainability, there is a much bigger implication at hand.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published its World Energy Outlook for the year 2020.  With the especially unique environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s outlook focuses on models that predict the pandemic’s potential implications over the next ten years.  This, along with the prospects for accelerated energy transitions, make up the two major themes of the report.


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