Czech Republic: History

  1. 1993

    The Czech Republic becomes independent after the breakup of Czechoslovakia.

  2. 1997

    The collapse of the coalition and accusations of financial corruption lead prime minster Vaclav Klaus to resign.

  3. 1999

    The Czech Republic becomes a member of NATO.

  4. 2000

    The first nuclear reactor at the Temelin nuclear power plant starts up, causing an uproar in other countries and leading to threats to block the Czech Republic's membership in the European Union.

  5. 2004

    The Czech Republic joins the European Union.

  6. 2007

    A three-party center-right coalition is approved; the Czech Republic joins the European Union's Schengen Treaty free movement zone.

  7. 2012

    Legislation passes allowing for the Czech Republic to hold direct elections for the presidency instead of having Parliament choose the president.


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