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Government Resources
Main Government Page gov.sz
Central Banks centralbank.org.sz
Stock Exchanges ssx.org.sz
Commerce Ministry gov.sz
Investment Promotion Agency sipa.org.sz

Regulatory Agency Sites

Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC)

The Swaziland Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (SPTC) is composed of two units, SwaziTelecom and SwaziPost. SwaziTelecom is committed to modernizing telecommunication technology and does this by providing a spectrum of global telecommunication through internet services and telephone services. SwaziPost is Swaziland's mover of written communication, which it tries to do in the most cost-effective way.

Other Resources

Swaziland Central Statistical Office (CSO)

The Central Statistical Office of Swaziland aims to provide high quality statistical data and information about the nation in order to assist government leaders with policy planning and national development. A variety of statistics are available on different aspects of the nation including the economy, agriculture, demographics, tourism, and prices. Various statistical reports are available in PDF.