Online Course Modules: Culture


The Culture module offers one a general understanding of the following: what is meant by culture, why it is important to learn about other cultures, and the different levels of culture in society; various dimensions of and approaches to understanding culture; the implications of cultural differences in conducting international business; the impact of culture on business negotiations and how to conduct business successfully in a foreign culture.


The Ethics module gives one insight into the following areas: the definition of ethics; the importance of ethics in business; how religion relates to ethics in the marketplace; the main tenets of, and ethical behavior in, the world’s religions; the ideals and obstacles of ethical behavior in different market settings; broad ethical themes governing how people should behave in the marketplace; the definition and qualities of an ethical manager. A case study on ethics and downsizing is also provided.

International Negotiations

The International Negotiations module offers one general insight into the following: the importance of negotiations; the basics of international negotiations; cultural influences on negotiations; culture-specific strategies and tactics used in the negotiation process; and qualities that an international negotiator must possess.

World Religions

The World Religions module informs one of the following religious insights: the basic history and ideas of religion; the relationship between religion and ethics; the major ideas of Christianity and the economic implications of that religion; the main tenets of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism and the economic implications of doing business in an Islamic, Buddhist, or Hindu country; and the economic implications of the Confucian way of life.

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