Online Course Modules: Functions

Key Industry Drivers of Globalization

The Key Industry Drivers of Globalization module offers one a general understanding of issues including: the historical circumstances and the forces that currently drive globalization; the implication of globalization on business in the U.S.; the key drivers for a successful global strategy; and the four basic forces that drive globalization.

Multinational Logistics

The Multinational Logistics module informs one of the circumstances dealing with the following: what logistics and supply chain are and how they differ domestically and internationally; the types of issues that are involved with international transportation; international inventory matters; warehousing and product storage topics and how international logistics augments these; and the management issues that multinational logistics creates.

Global Marketing

The Global Marketing module, formerly the Multinational Marketing module, provides one with information on topics including: an introduction to international marketing; issues that face international marketers; some factors that determine whether or not a company should attempt a global strategy; and the issues related to product, placement, promotion, and pricing decisions in a global environment. A case study on Gillette’s use of international marketing strategies when it launched the Mach 3 razor is also included.

Multinational Sourcing

The Multinational Sourcing module contains information pertaining to the following issues: what international sourcing is and why companies chose this option; the international sourcing process, including the steps of progression from domestic to full international sourcing; countertrade, the different types of countertrade, and the issues to consider when conducting countertrade. A case study on multinational purchasing at Paradyne is also provided.

Organizational Structure of Multinational Corporations

The Organizational Structure of MNCs module provides information on the following: the organizational structures of multinational companies (MNCs); and how MNCs try to find the right combination of organizational structure and strategy. A cast study on Proctor and Gamble’s structural reorganization is also provided.

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