Online Course Modules: Legal Aspects

Legal Framework of International Business

The Legal Framework of International Business module can help one better understand the laws of governance of the sea and air, and how such rules and regulations can impact international business as well as advertising laws throughout much of the world. This module will be able to help those looking to launch their products and services internationally by laying out some of the political and legal aspects of doing business in multinational markets. A case study on the U.S. Passenger Services Act is also available.

Tariffs, Quotas, and Non-Tariff Barriers

The Tariffs, Quotas, and Non-tariff Barriers module outlines the following components: the basics behind tariffs and quotas, including under what circumstances the WTO/GATT prohibits tariffs and quotas; the various types of non-tariff barriers that countries use to restrict imports; how the GATT has impacted the creation of non-tariff barriers; different types of subsidies; countervailing duties; the purpose and importance of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule; the basics of U.S. customs law; and the methods used by customs to determine an imported good's value when assessing tariffs. Also included is a case study on the recent disagreement between the U.S. and the EU over bananas.

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