Bahrain: History

  1. 1783

    The Al Khalifa family succeeds in capturing Bahrain from a Persian garrison.

  2. 1830

    The Al Khalifa family signs a treaty with the British Empire, making the island a British Protectorate.

  3. 1931

    Oil is discovered and drilling begins the next year.

  4. 1939

    The Hawar Islands, between Qatar and Bahrain, become part of Bahrain.

  5. 1968

    Britain announces that it will end its treaty relationships with nine states in the Persian Gulf by 1971.

  6. 1971

    Bahrain declares itself independent after not being able to agree upon a union with the other eight states.

  7. 1981

    Bahrain joins the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

  8. 1986

    The King Fahd causeway is opened, connecting Bahrain to Saudi Arabia.

  9. 2002

    After a referendum the year earlier, Bahrain becomes a constitutional monarchy with a parliament and independent judiciary.

  10. 2004

    Bahrain and the United States sign a free trade agreement.


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