Burkina Faso: History

  1. 1800s

    Burkina Faso is under Mossi empire control.

  2. 1896

    Kingdoms now making up Burkina Faso become a French protectorate.

  3. 1919

    Upper Volta, which is present day Burkina Faso, is established but is dismembered and reconstituted several times until the present borders are recognized in 1947.

  4. 1960

    Upper Volta becomes independent.

  5. 1984

    Upper Volta is retitled Burkina Faso.

  6. 1999

    SOREMIB, a state-owned mining company, announces the closure of the country's largest gold mine.

  7. 2010

    A new gold mine is offically opened and Premier Tertius Zongo says it will earn substantial revenue for the country.

  8. 2013

    The International Court of Justice settles a decades-old border dispute between Niger and Burkina Faso.


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