Holy See: History

  1. AD 349

    The first basilica is built at the supposed tomb of Saint Peter.

  2. 1309

    The Papal court is moved, leaving the area of the Vatican abandoned for over a century.

  3. 1492

    Pope Sixtus IV constructs the Sistine Chapel.

  4. 1626

    St. Peters Basilica is reconsecrated after many years of construction.

  5. 1870

    The Papal States are seized by Victor Emmanuel’s army during Italian unification.

  6. 1929

    The Italian Government and the Holy See sign three agreements altogether known as the Lateran Treaty: a treaty recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the Holy See and creating the Vatican City State; a Concordat defining the relations between the government and the church within Italy; and a financial convention providing the Holy See with compensation for its losses in 1870.

  7. 1984

    A revised Concordat, altering the terms of church-state relations, is signed.


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