Kenya: Resources

Government Resources
Statistics Office
Central Banks
Stock Exchanges
Investment Promotion Agency

News Sites

Kenya: Standard Digital

Standard Digital is an online news site offering business articles regarding economic events in Kenya. The site contains updated daily business news and analysis specific to Kenya. 

Regulatory Agency Sites

Kenya: Capital Markets Authority (CMA)

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is responsible for supervising, licensing, and monitoring the capital market and market intermediaries. The site provides information about the regulatory framework of the CMA, investor protection and education, and licensing and approvals. In addition, the site includes news and events, multiple online services, research and policy publications, and information regarding the CMA's upcoming plans for the capital market.

Kenya: Communications Authority of Kenya

The Communications Authority of Kenya is responsible for facilitating the development of the information and communications sector in Kenya. The authority grants licenses to all operators in the sector, which includes telecommunications, postal, courier, and broadcasting. The website provides users with statutes and regulations, research and statistics, and publications on annual reports, licensing, and current strategies.

Other Resources

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI)

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) is responsible for providing businesses in Kenya with a wide array of services to help them grow. These include being a facilitator for international joint ventures, consulting services for projects and appraisals, and hosting trade fairs and exhibitions. The site also includes the latest news and information on upcoming events.

Kenya: Export Promotion Council (EPC)

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) of Kenya is responsible for developing and promoting export trade. The site provides comprehensive information about Kenya, such as a general overview, an economic overview, export statistics, key economic sectors, and market access. The site also provides an exporters business directory, trade news and events, and other export related resources.

Kenya: Ministry of East African Community (EAC), Labour and Social Protection

The Ministry of East African Community (EAC), Labour and Social Protection focuses on political, economic, social, productive, and service affairs within the EAC. On the site users will find information on the the EAC's move towards integration, the institutional framework, investment opportunities, and policy documents. Specific information about Kenya is provided including a link to the Kenya Open Data portal, which provides government data free to the public.

Kenya: The Presidency

This resource is the official website for the President of Kenya. The site provides information about the various branches in the government, ministries, and regions in Kenya. In addition, the site provides various speeches made, publications, and national symbols.