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Latvian Export and Import Directory

The Latvian Export & Import Directory is a foreign trade portal designed by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA). The goal of this portal is to provide exchange of information about import and export facilities for Latvian and foreign entrepreneurs over the internet. This site provides an export orientated online database with four major components including company listings, trade proposals, business events, and market information.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Latvia: Electronic Communications Office

The Electronic Communications Office regulates the telecommunications sector in Latvia. It issues operation permits, manages the radio frequency spectrum, resolves disputes among consumers and operators, develops new communications technology, and much more.

Latvia: Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK)

The Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK) is in charge of the oversight and regulation of the Latvian Financial Services Industry. The site contains relevant information sorted by sector as well as aggregate news and publications.

Latvia: National Electronic Mass Media Council

The National Electronic Mass Media Council regulates the electronic media sector in Latvia by registering broadcasting permits to operators, resolving disputes between consumers and operators, ensuring appropriateness of broadcasts to protect viewers, and promoting competitiveness in the industry.

Latvia: State Agency of Medicines (SAM)

The State Agency of Medicines in Latvia (SAM) implements local and international legislation to ensure that human medicines and medical devices are safe and efficient. SAM also provides objective information on medicines. They also ensure inspection, accreditation, and certification of drug manufacturers and distributors.

Other Resources

Export Opportunities in the Baltic States

This publication of Enterprise Ireland, Export opportunities in the Baltic States provides information about the countries economic overviews, trade statistics, and useful information sources. Opens in PDF format.

Latvia: Chamber of Commerce

The Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's main focus is to represent Latvian companies while providing promotional services. The Chamber offers export consultation, information on incoming trade missions, as well as training, seminars, and conferences.

Latvia: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides information on Latvian domestic and foreign policy issues, including foreign policy news, current news, trade policy guidelines on imports and exports, and links to web resources.