Luxembourg: History

  1. 1815

    Luxembourg becomes a Grand Duchy by the Congress of Vienna.

  2. 1839

    Luxembourg is granted political autonomy by King William I.

  3. 1867

    Luxembourg's independence is recognized.

  4. 1914

    WWI begins, and Luxembourg is occupied by German forces until the end of the war.

  5. 1920

    Luxembourg joins the League of Nations.

  6. 1921

    Luxembourg and Belgium join in an economic union, in which both countries use Belgium's currency.

  7. 1940

    Luxembourg is once more occupied by Germany until 1944.

  8. 1948

    The economic union with Belgium expands to now include the Netherlands.

  9. 1949

    Luxembourg joins NATO.

  10. 1957

    Luxembourg becomes a founding member of the European Economic Community, which goes into effect the next year.

  11. 1979

    Luxembourg enters a period of economic recession.

  12. 1992

    The Maastricht Treaty, which creates the EU, is adopted by Luxembourg.

  13. 2002

    The Euro becomes the national currency.

  14. 2005

    Voters approve a new EU constitution.


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