Mauritius: History

  1. 1638

    The Dutch begin to settle on the island, and they name it after Prince Maurice of Nassau.

  2. 1710

    After several attempts to colonize the island, the Dutch give up and abandon the colony.

  3. 1715

    France claims the island and renames it Ile de France. The colony becomes prosperous under the French East India Company.

  4. 1810

    Mauritius is captured by the British, and their possession of the island is confirmed four years later in the Treaty of Paris.

  5. 1834

    Slavery is abolished throughout the British colonies, including Mauritius. Hundreds of thousands of indentured servants are brought on the island from India.

  6. 1876

    The Indian Rupee becomes the official currency.

  7. 1968

    Mauritius is granted independence.

  8. 1971

    The first Export Processing Zone is created in Mauritius, creating a large textile sector in the economy.

  9. 1989

    A stock exchange is opened in Port Louis.

  10. 1991

    After approval from the Legislative Assembly, the island begins a transition to become a republic within the Commonwealth.

  11. 2010

    Mauritius and France settle their dispute over the island of Tromelin, agreeing to jointly manage the island.


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