Palau: History

  1. 2500 BC

    First inhabitants settle in the islands creating complex social systems as well as practicing fishing and farming.

  2. 1885

    Spain claims the islands.

  3. 1899

    Spain sells Palau to Germany, who in turn begins to exploit the islands’ natural resources through native slave labor.

  4. 1914

    Japan seizes Palau after Germany is defeated in World War I.

  5. 1947

    Palau becomes a United Nations Trust Territory under United States Administration.

  6. 1979

    Palau opts to not become part of the Federal Micronesian state.

  7. 1994

    A contract of Free Association with the United States is instated giving Palau independence. The United States still provides aid and retains defense responsibilities and the right to operate military bases within the country. Palau joins the United Nations.

  8. 2010

    United States agrees to give Palau additional aid of $250 million.


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