Tunisia: Resources

Government Resources
Main Government Page tunisie.gov.tn
Statistics Office ins.tn
Central Banks bct.gov.tn
Stock Exchanges bvmt.com.tn
Commerce Ministry commerce.gov.tn
Export Promotion Agency cepex.nat.tn
Investment Promotion Agency investintunisia.tn

News Sites

Tunisia: Business News

Tunisia Business News is an electronic journal designed for the fields of economics, politics, and business. The site provides an analysis of Tunisian business issues and the economy. It also features most recent news on politics, economy, and technology. Only available in French.

Regulatory Agency Sites

Tunisia: Financial Market Council

The Financial Market Council (Conseil du Marché Financier) is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the financial services industry within Tunisia. The site contains news, publications, regulations, and reference texts. Only available in French and Arabic.

Tunisia: National Telecommunications Authority (INT)

The National Telecommunications Authority (INT) has decision-making powers regarding conditions and procedures of granting communications access. INT approves tariffs, roaming agreements, and contracts. They also have the power of inquiry into complaints and the communications services themselves. The site is currently only available in French and Arabic, as the English portion of the site is under construction.

Other Resources

Tunisian Industry Portal

The Tunisian Industry Portal is a site filled with resources regarding industry information and enterprise creation in Tunisia. The portal is funded by the Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation (API). Under the Enterprise Creation section, a project declaration guide is provided as well as project ideas in Tunisia. An overview of Tunisian industry including details on various sectors and indicators can be found under the Tunisian Industry category.