Nebraska: Resources

Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC)

The Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) provides assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout Nebraska. The NBDC offers workshops, consulting services, financing, and training and workshops for the development of small business. The center provides services in market analysis, business valuation, and sustainability. In addition, the NBDC provides consulting services and assistance for government contracting and services for technology commercialization.

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Nebraska Department of Economic Development

The website of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development provides information for entrepreneurs who are interested in doing business in Nebraska. The website includes information on starting, expanding, and relocating a business in Nebraska. The site also features data and research for the state, such as state statistics, economic trends, and information regarding Nebraska from the U.S. census.

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Nebraska Department of Revenue

The Nebraska Department of Revenue offers information and online services for taxes in the state of Nebraska. The site contains information on how to start or close businesses in Nebraska, tax incentives, information guides, and educational material for taxpayers. In addition, the site contains information regarding tax compliance, legal regulations and court cases, and the tax calendar for the upcoming year.

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Nebraska Secretary of State

The website of the Nebraska Secretary of State provides information about records management, international relations, rules and regulations, and licensing in Nebraska. There is also information on business services that cover topics which include applicable statutes in Nebraska related to business entities, annual/biennial reporting, and preventing business identity theft.

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U.S. Commercial Service in Nebraska

The Nebraska branch of the Department of Commerce specializes in helping small to medium-sized companies develop and execute exporting strategies for international markets. Assistance can be provided in several areas including viable market entry strategies, finding potential international partners, and compliance in federal export reporting requirements and laws. Fees vary and are based on the service provided.

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University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Bureau of Business Research (BBR)

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Bureau of Business Research (BBR) offers various reports specific to business and economics in Nebraska. These reports cover areas such as labor market analysis, economic modeling and forecasting, policy analysis, and fiscal analysis. In addition, the site offers monthly economic indicators that measure and project the condition of Nebraska’s economy.

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