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Forward Wisconsin

Forward Wisconsin aims to promote Wisconsin as a business destination and has an extensive collection of links and resources devoted to doing business. The site features several informative sections including why to do business in Wisconsin, business cost comparison, a specialized Wisconsin business toolkit, property location finder, and resources for economic developers. It also includes a job bank, fact sheets, and a database of statewide buildings and sites.

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Madison International Trade Association (MITA)

The Madison International Trade Association (MITA) is a Wisconsin-based organization with the mission of connecting and providing global trade resources to interested businesses. Membership in MITA provides businesses with knowledge and information regarding international trade and the ability to develop new connections with others involved in global business through its numerous meetings and other events. The site also contains a useful resource page with links to events listings, federal resources, and news sites.

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Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce's World Trade Association (WTA)

The World Trade Association (WTA), a branch of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC), is dedicated to helping its members learn and tap into the international market. The WTA increases international trade by providing programs and events which link companies and individuals with common interests. The site provides resources such as regional business resources guide and international business news. Membership is required to access some services provided by the WTA, and fees vary based upon number of employees in the business.

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Office of Corporate Relations at UW-Madison

The Office of Corporate Relations is a division of UW-Madison that aims to foster a stronger economy for Wisconsin. The website has numerous links to recruitment initiatives, executive development, and assistance for entrepreneurs. Additionally, the office allows access to several of the institution’s specialized centers of research. Users are able to sign up for a free subscription to the Newswire newsletter which provides information about upcoming business/industry events, which is also found at the bottom of the website.

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United States: The Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law - a Lexwork International exclusive

This document describes the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law and the Wisconsin Franchise Investment Law in depth. Prepared by: DeWitt Ross & Stevens Law Firm.

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Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP): International Agribusiness Center Overview

The Wisconsin International Trade Team, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, helps Wisconsin companies in the food and agricultural industry export abroad. Services can be provided both inside and outside Wisconsin. The international agribusiness center overview page provides export assistance information compiled by the Wisconsin International Trade Team as well as international market reports, export statistics, and other resources.

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Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA)

The Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA) is a non-profit organization devoted to the economic development of Wisconsin. Member services include professional development, networking opportunities, and advice on legislative affairs. A listing of job openings is also available which can be searched by location, category, type of position, and education/experience requirements.

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Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC): In Wisconsin

In Wisconsin is the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation's (WEDC) website that focuses on economic development in the state by offering specialized support for businesses to help them grow and create jobs. The site features several sections including benefits of doing business in Wisconsin, growing your business, exporting, and community development. Within these topics, programs, resources, events, and marketing statistics can be found. Free newsletters are also provided quarterly covering comprehensive economic development news for the state.

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Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Foundation (WMC)

The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Foundation (WMC) provides business and economics education, workforce development, and local chambers of commerce support. In addition, they help provide safety training programs, school improvement initiatives, and best business practices to local companies. It also provides articles and videos on governmental issue and policies

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Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

The Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a statewide network that supports entrepreneurs and business owners by providing free consulting and educational programs. This site describes in depth the services available from the center that help members start, manage, and grow their businesses.

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Wisconsin U.S. Export Assistance Center

The Wisconsin branch of the Department of Commerce specializes in helping small to medium-sized companies develop and execute exporting strategies in international markets. International trade specialists will help users identify and evaluate international partners, navigate international documentation challenges, create market entry strategies, and give other export-related guidance. Upcoming events are also listed on the page. Fees vary and are based on the service being provided.

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