Diagnostic Tools - Core

Effective November 1, 2014, the current version of the CORE Diagnostic Tool is available free of charge to all users while we develop the next generation of this tool. Distributor, Freight, and Partner are no longer available for new subscriptions as of this date.

CORE™ is a self-assessment tool that will allow you to determine your company's readiness to expand its operations internationally and ascertain its ability to export a particular product. Upon completion of the questionnaire you will be able to systematically and objectively identify your company's strengths and weaknesses concerning exporting. CORE™ generates answers (based on your responses) and then places them on two independent dimensions of readiness; "Organizational Readiness" and "Product Readiness." At the end of each session, results are presented in a comprehensive, easy to read format and can be compared with past work sessions.

CORE Screen Shot

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