To help businesses better compete in this type of environment, and allow business students to learn about different approaches to global expansion through hands-on experience, a team of researchers at the MSU-IBC open_in_new located in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University developed a suite of decision support tools.

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These tools served many different functions for a wide variety of organizations for over 20 years which included:


  • Conducting case study analyses
  • Hands on learning experience for students interested in consulting
  • Class lessons on different approaches to business expansion abroad

Government/Consulting Agencies

  • Developing government policies
  • Preparing other businesses for expansion into foreign markets
  • Establishing best practices and aiding training programs


  • Gauging the organization's global competitiveness
  • Exploring the compatibility of international venture partners
  • Establishing the ability to leverage resources when dealing with suppliers

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