Coming into my role at the International Business Center as a part of the globalEDGE team as a freshman, I didn’t know what to expect; however, after starting I quickly realized the inclusive work environment that had been created stemming from staff members all the way down to the newest of student team members such as myself. Throughout my two years as a research assistant, I learned a plethora of skills as well as life lessons thanks to the great people I was afforded the opportunity to work with as well as all the different experiences I was able to part take in. Whether those experiences were working on projects and blogs for globalEDGE or going downtown Lansing to meet with fortune 500 companies with the MEGP team, all opportunities truly helped me to develop personally, as well as professionally. Ultimately, my time at the International Business Center is something that I will cherish forever and will always look back on as the foundation of my professional career in the business world.

Cameron Cieslik - Research Assistant, 2019-2021

Over the last 2 years, I have had the privilege of working with the globalEDGE team at Michigan State’s International Business Center.  My main responsibilities of overseeing the Database of International Business Statistics (DIBS) section of the site and writing blog posts have greatly benefited both my ability to work in Excel, as well as to be an effective writer.  Beyond these improvements, I enjoyed growing my knowledge of international business and current events, as well as gaining experience working in a team-oriented environment.  Being surrounded by such a great group of peers and leaders made work each day exciting -- even through all the challenges we faced this year working in a virtual environment.  I am very grateful for the personal development and connections working in the IBC gave me as I move forward in my education and professional career, and I look forward to seeing how the site evolves over time.

John Biberstein - Research Assistant, 2019-2021

As the fourth year of my time at globalEDGE, and my second year as the team lead, comes to an end, I will be finishing my education at Michigan State with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Supply Chain Management and will be graduating with honors as part of the Honors College.  globalEDGE is a big part of why I was able to be successful in college and I am taking away many important life lessons and skills that stem from the opportunities I have had here at the International Business Center.

My introduction to globalEDGE came without any knowledge of what I was expected to do, other than to work on an international business website.  Over the next four years, my experience proved to be so much more than I could have expected.  My first two years working at gE as a research assistant exposed me to a wide variety of projects, from writing international business blogs, to diving into complex statistics updates, to taking on-site redesigns.  Throughout this time, I was able to develop a sturdy base of peers and coworkers that I could look up to, become friends with, and learn from as I took on the rigors of college.

During my final two years at globalEDGE, I have been extremely thankful to have served as the team lead.  This has been an invaluable experience for me, and taking on a team with only two returning students my first year put me in a position to develop relationships, to take ownership of website tasks, and to practice and hone my leadership skills.  I can easily look back and see the improvement in my communication, decision-making, and strategic ability as a result of being the globalEDGE team lead, and it is a position that I will always hold in a high esteem.

At the end of the day, the technical skills I have learned at globalEDGE have proven to be consistently useful in my internship experiences and will continue to serve me as I join Lockheed Martin as part of their Operations Leadership Development Program.  However, even more beneficial has been the network that I have gained because of my time in the International Business Center.  I look forward to seeing the future of the website and will remember my time at globalEDGE as a key part in kickstarting my professional career.

Andrew Menke - globalEDGE Team Lead, 2019-2021

Working at the IBC with the globalEDGE team has been one of the most rewarding college experiences. For the past three years, I was exposed to a variety of international business news and issues around the world. It helped to sharpen my global mindset while working amongst some of Broad’s brightest students. Throughout my work, I was able to advance my writing and Excel skills through numerous challenging projects. I am very thankful for my years at globalEDGE. It provided a strong foundation for my success in future careers and introduced me to connections that will continue to influence me for the rest of my life.

Jiachen (Jessica) Mo - Research Assistant, 2017-2020

Over the past five years, I have had the privilege of working on the globalEDGE team within Michigan State University’s International Business Center. I began working at globalEDGE as a research assistant on my very first day on campus as a freshman and ended my globalEDGE career as a graduate assistant on my last day at Michigan State University. Over the course of these five years, I experienced tremendous growth, both personally and professionally, due in no small part to my work at globalEDGE.

As a freshman, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my future career. globalEDGE introduced me to the world of international business and provided me an opportunity to develop relationships with like-minded individuals who would go on to become some of my best friends and mentors. When I decided to study accounting, I knew that I wanted my future job to have an international business aspect and I am happy to say that I will be starting my career in international taxation with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

One of my primary responsibilities on the globalEDGE team was as editor in chief of the globalEDGE blog. Managing the globalEDGE blog forced me to develop better writing skills and to stay informed of current events on an international scale. Reading daily news stories from around the globe helped me develop into a more well-rounded individual and sparked my love of traveling.

While I learned many technical skills at globalEDGE, my biggest takeaway will be the interpersonal skills I developed. During my last two years I globalEDGE, I had the opportunity to serve as the undergraduate research team leader. Over these two years, while working with our undergraduate research team, I developed numerous leadership and communication skills that will be invaluable in my future career.

I am extremely grateful for my five years at globalEDGE and looking back it is exciting to see all the changes and improvements we made to the website in my time as a research assistant. As I go out into the professional world I will continue to keep up with the website and the blog and am confident that I will find a use for globalEDGE’s immense bank of data and resources throughout my career.

Tyler J. Beck - globalEDGE Team Lead, 2015-2019

Working at MSU-CIBER as part of the globalEDGE team, for the past three years, has taught me many important skills and valuable lessons. I began my role at globalEDGE working on the Database of International Business Statistics (DIBS) section of the website and the country insights page. My work was primarily done in excel updating and creating sources for our users. At the begging of my second year, I was responsible for all of DIBS and have now overseen DIBS for the past two years. I have improved my excel skills throughout my time at globalEDGE as well as my overall international business knowledge through the process of updating international country statistics.

In addition to this, globalEDGE helped me professionally as I discussed projects and experiences, I had at globalEDGE in my interviews. I believe the projects I worked on and the knowledge and lessons I gained from working here set me apart from other candidates. Lastly, the professional development I gained from working in this office has made transitioning to the corporate world much easier. I am truly grateful for the experiences I had at globalEDGE and will take the lessons and skills I have learned with me as I begin my full-time role as a consultant.

Caroline Mansour - Research Assistant, 2016-2019

Working at globalEDGE in the International Business Center for the past two years has been a highlight of my college career. It’s given me the ability to learn about current events through blogging, contribute to the development of a new webpage, and follow trends in global data. I was also able to work cross-functionally with the individuals from the Broad Department of Education Abroad, and researched strategies of how college can improve in this field. This position allowed me to excel in a professional setting and gave me real-world business experience that will contribute to my post-graduate employment. The skillsets of time management, interpersonal communication, and working on team-based assignments will be traits that I will carry forward throughout my life.

Kevin Caldwell - Research Assistant, 2017-2019

Working at globalEDGE for the past two and a half years has certainly been an enjoyable learning experience. Not only was it a pleasure to work at globalEDGE, but the amount of knowledge I was able to gain from working there is just astounding. From updating various statistics and history timelines to creating the Current Topics in IB section, I was able to expand my knowledge in various aspects of international business. Additionally, writing for globalEDGE’s Blog was probably my favorite part of this job, as it allowed me to do my own research on hot topics in IB, summarize it in a few paragraphs, and spread that knowledge with our users.

This job is one of the few ones out there that gives back as much as you put in. I was able to enhance my analytical, excel, writing, and research skills throughout my time at globalEDGE and I will carry that with me to my full-time consulting job afterwards and any other job in the future.

Ramie Taher - Research Assistant, 2016-2018

Working as a Research Assistant at MSU-CIBER on the globalEDGE team allowed me to not only explore topics in global affairs, international development, and emerging markets, but also develop skills within data analytics, professional writing, and project management. The former enabled me to excel in coursework across the university and the latter helped during my internships/professional career in the financial services industry.

Writing the Global Insights by Country pages taught me how to turn quantitative and qualitative information into valuable research that students, working professionals, and academics could leverage. Furthermore, building out the TradeBloc section of the globalEDGE site was instrumental in my understanding of how intergovernmental partnerships worked and why they are crucial in economic stability. I was able to take my research knowledge and apply it to my finance and economics courses. ..."No man is an island." That philosophy was underlined many times during my internships and first job out of college. To succeed in an interconnected world - regardless of whether it is from an academic or professional sense - understanding the nuances international business is critical. From an intellectual perspective, the functions of a global economy became clearer to me working at globalEDGE

On a personal level, the amount of accountability placed on me as a student research assistant at globalEDGE helped me mature into the professional I am today.

Manesha Sampath - Research Assistant, 2011-2015

Over the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of working for globalEDGE through MSU’s Center for International Business Education & Research. Because of this I have gained invaluable experience working with data collection, team projects, and project management. Additionally, I have been able to adapt to a corporate environment long before I begin my full-time employment. I feel fortunate enough to have had three full years of this experience before I applied for my first internship, and I wholeheartedly believe that it set me apart as a candidate when I began with my job search.

I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Supply Chain Management as well as a minor in Spanish. In a few short months, I will begin my first full-time job as a Forecast Analyst at Delta Faucet Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, and after a year I will begin my second rotation in MASCO’s Accelerated Career Experience program. I truly believe that my experience at globalEDGE has more than prepared me for what is to come with regards to my professional opportunities. With any job related to supply chain management, it can be expected that there will be international relationships that need to be managed and maintained. When I did my internship with Nissan in their NAFTA Logistics department, I was able to utilize not only my Spanish-speaking skills, but also my knowledge of data collection and international cultures to complete my projects and day-to-day tasks. 

I feel extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work on globalEDGE these past four years. I have learned many skills that my classes could not have taught me. My experience at CIBER has helped me to land my internship and future full-time job, and I have no doubt that I will use these experiences throughout the rest of my professional career.

Meagan Flynn - globalEDGE Team Leader & Student Research Assistant

I have worked at the MSU-CIBER as a part of the globalEDGE team throughout all four years of my collegiate career, and I cannot imagine a better place to have grown as a professional. ... I am graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing. Much of the work I have done at globalEDGE—resource editing, social media management, blog writing, and modules creation - has proven to be invaluable experiences in my field. I have discussed globalEDGE projects during various interviews, and I have no doubt those anecdotes helped me get hired for the other internships and jobs I held throughout the past few years.

Perhaps most importantly, my time at globalEDGE gave me a comprehensive look at the world we live in. The extensive research I did for the modules, blogs, and resources helped me gain more knowledge on how various sectors of international business work and how the world is connected. I now have a broad understanding of the current events that shape our entire globe. I am passionate about the work I have done at MSU-CIBER because I truly believe globalEDGE serves as a vital educational resource in understanding international affairs.

Tish Pahwa - Student Research Assistant

One of the most valuable and enjoyable experiences of my life thus far has been working at MSU-CIBER, more specifically globalEDGE, for the past four years. As a top website for international business my work with globalEDGE has allowed for me to gain experiences and knowledge about various facets of the international business world that would have never been possible without this opportunity.

Throughout my time at MSU-CIBER I have had the pleasure of participating in a variety of different projects, each requiring a different skill set. My time at MSU-CIBER has helped me hone in on my passion for designing, creating, critical thinking, and learning. 

In a few days I will be graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, as well as a second Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. The two degrees that I have earned over my past four years at Michigan State University will no doubt serve as an extremely valuable resource for my future employment and endeavors, but what will really set me apart from the crowd are the incredibly useful skills and international business insights that I have gained through my time at MSU-CIBER.

Working at MSU-CIBER has afforded me the privilege of working in a very diverse environment, which has in turn inspired me to travel to Spain next year to be a North American Language and Culture Assistant. I am incredibly grateful for the past four years that I have had the honor of being employed at MSU-CIBER. The experiences and knowledge I have gained have been truly beneficial to not only myself as a professional and academic, but also as an individual.

Marta Grabowski - Student Research Assistant

During my junior year at Michigan State University I had to opportunity to start working at the CIBER office on the globalEDGE team. Since then I have spent three years working on the globalEDGE team and have become a better rounded person because of this experience. Before I started this journey I never thought of things on a global perspective, I would only think about how things would affect the United States and Michigan specifically. Working at the CIBER office and on globalEDGE has taught me the importance of being aware of what is happening internationally and being able to recognize its effects globally.

After I graduate with my Master's of Science in Accounting I will be starting with Ernst & Young in tax in the Grand Rapids, MI office. Now that I see the value in looking at business from an international perspective I have realized that I want to direct my career towards international tax consulting. I have also already expressed my interest to Ernst & Young in doing one of their international rotation programs in a different country. I now know that to be the best business person I can calls for international experience and international knowledge.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked at MSU's CIBER and specifically on the globalEDGE team. This experience has guided me down the right path to set myself apart from others in the business world. With my now broader perspectives and increased international business knowledge I feel more than prepared to transition from college into the ever growing international business world.

Taylor Hill - globalEDGE Team Leader & Student Assistant

We use globalEDGE heavily in our international marketing classes. We also let our students know that, unlike many of our databases, globalEDGE will continue to be available to them after graduation. Your database is very well regarded and appreciated. Thank you for all the good work you do.

Kathryn K. Silberger - Librarian, Marist College

I found the Institute priceless coupled with the networking with community college peers.

The presentations and materials provided were great. I will use many of the resources to internationalize my general business courses, especially the globalEDGE website.

I could have listened to all of them for longer periods of time – so much good information to absorb!

Wished it didn’t have to end – learned so much from collaboration with participants!

The program is outstanding in every sense. It is an honor to be in this program.

IBI Program Participants

When I was a freshman at Michigan State University, I had no clue what to expect when I walked into the CIBER office for the first time. At CIBER, I was assigned to work on globalEDGE, an international business website that provides information across many global dimensions such as economies, emerging markets, industries, and globalization. Over my five years at globalEDGE, I obtained a vast amount of international business knowledge. However, perhaps the most important thing I experienced was a passion for international opportunities and global understanding.

After graduating from Michigan State with my Masters of Science in Accounting, I will be starting full-time work with Ernst & Young in their Detroit office as an auditor. My time at globalEDGE inspired me to pursue international opportunities in order to better understand the globalized economy of our modern age. Due to the international passion I obtained working in the CIBER office, I plan to pursue rotational programs at Ernst & Young that allow me to work abroad for one to two years. Overall, my long-term career plan is to gather international experience in order to garner a better understanding of our interconnected, global economy.

My work at CIBER has also exposed me to great friendships and global understanding. While working at the office, I was able to meet fellow students who have traveled around the world for study abroad and work experience. This has inspired me to achieve a higher sense of global awareness and international business education over my years at the CIBER. As I leave CIBER in a few months, I can look back at my experience in complete gratitude because my CIBER experience has allowed me to fully grasp the importance of international education.

Evan Pennisi - globalEDGE Team Leader & Student Assistant

The Riddle of the Exporter™ teaches exporting is from an entrepreneurial point of view. Entrepreneurs want to be able to access relevant information easily and quickly.  At there is so much information; it is amazing!  For the beginning exporter, it is just a gem.

Elyse Eriksson - Creator/Author of The Riddle of the Exporter Training and Workbook

globalEDGE is an excellent source of valuable information for anybody interested in international business.

Mario E. Davila Escobar - Professor, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

globalEDGE provides in depth information and data for research and teaching International Business courses. The portal is must for students, faculty and practitioners. Diagnostic modules are learning tools for all users. globalEDGE has rightly become a premier resource for International Business information.

Bindu Vyas - Associate Professor International Business/Management

The International Center is doing path breaking work with its annual summer institutes for community college business faculty. By helping community college students nationwide learn how to do business globally, the Center is contributing to President Obama's National Export Initiative by helping create critically needed jobs in the short-term and rebalancing the national economy in longer-term.

Doug Barry - International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

Michigan State University's globalEDGE web site is hands down the best source of information about the countries, industries, and technologies with the most promising growth potential for U.S. companies doing business overseas.

Noel Nevshehir - Director of International Business Services, Automation Alley

Having been in the trade realm for years I have come to appreciate globalEDGE. Thank you for maintaining such a great site.

Roberta A. Brooke - Director, MBA Program, Eastern Washington University
globalEDGE is one of the easiest sources to use. I love that they include the source with each underscore the importance of the primary source. Very important. We use this page with intercultural communication classes, international business, economics and finance...
Linda Bartnik - Murray State University Libraries

globalEDGE provides a wealth of up-to-date information, training, and resources in a well-organized format for the benefit of the international business community at large including new and seasoned companies involved in foreign trade, and American corporations/organizations operating abroad. It is especially useful to American professionals abroad in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Leila Heron - American Citizens Abroad (ACA) Country Contact, Republic of Panama and Venezuela

globalEDGE provides us with rich and innovative knowledge on international markets as we target worldwide customers with leading-quality footwear.

Tim O'Donovan - Chairman, Wolverine World Wide

globalEDGE is a highly accessible and first-rate resource that helps keep our membership informed about relevant global business issues facing Michigan's manufacturers.

John MacIlroy - CEO & President, Michigan Manufacturers Association

globalEDGE is the nec plus ultra of international business portals: an essential tool for students, executives and researchers. It is a magnificent source and resource, continuously updated; its diagnostic tools are true interactive learning opportunities for all users. We use it integratively and fully at Georgia Tech.

Dr. John R. McIntyre - Professor of International Management and Executive Director of Georgia Tech CIBER

I am really impressed with how globalEDGE manages today's information overload to provide practical international business information.

Sten Sjoberg - COO, Demmer Corporation

globalEDGE is a very valuable partner for the U.S. Commercial Service in our mission to assist U.S. companies to be competitive in global markets.

Doug Barry - Director of Marketing & Communications, U.S. Commercial Service

globalEDGE provides a wealth of information on corporations, industries, and countries that assist us as we conduct research for our international customer satisfaction indices.

Claes Fornell - Chairman, CFI Group Worldwide

Michigan State was one of five universities awarded the 2006 Senator Paul Simon Award for campus internationalization and profiled in a major report published by NAFSA: Association of International Educators. The report, titled "Internationalizing the Campus 2006: Profiles of Success at Colleges and Universities," highlighted selected units at Michigan State and singled out both globalEDGE and IBC for recognition. The Eli Broad College of Business received mention not only for the renewal of the CIBER grant and top-rated globalEDGE website, but also for the depth and breadth of the study abroad programming. In 2004-2005, 521 undergraduate and graduate students at the Broad School studied abroad, the most of any college at the University.

Press Release

globalEDGE became a very powerful tool when I worked on the project of analyzing low cost country opportunities at Whirlpool this summer. It is a portal of an unbelievably large amount of information and data regarding international business. Additionally, the methodology used to analyze the emerging markets is very thought-provoking. globalEDGE was very helpful to my project and I think I will use it more frequently in the future.

"All of you are doing an outstanding job with the CIBER at MSU. Unarguably, MSU's CIBER is the best in the nation- a view that I emphatically express. Kudos for globalEDGE which is now the premiere website for information related to International Business."
Zahir A. Quraeshi - Professor of Marketing and International Business, Western Michigan University