Beginning in 2017, the globalEDGE Business Review is transitioning to a blog-based format. For the latest submissions and all of our international business posts, visit the globalEDGE blog.


The objective of gBR is to be your source for cutting-edge global business knowledge. The main target audience is business executives. gBR articles are distributed to 27,989 subscribers, featuring a new article monthly. Each article is also available FREE to the millions of users of the globalEDGE website. No other journal in international business has gBR's reach and visibility.

In parallel with the globalEDGE website, globalEDGE Business Review (gBR) has one primary objective: To be your source for cutting-edge global business knowledge. The globalEDGE site offers the latest and most comprehensive international business and trade content for a wide range of topics. Whether conducting extensive market research, looking to improve your international knowledge, or simply browsing, you're sure to find what you need to sharpen your competitive edge in today's rapidly changing global marketplace. It's easy, it's convenient, and best of all – it's free!

gBR complements the site's content by publishing cutting-edge articles dealing with a variety of international business issues facing managers in different world areas, industries, and management functions. And, gBR takes advantage of the reach and impact of the globalEDGE site. With millions of visitors and 27,989 subscribers, gBR reaches farther and has more impact and visibility than any journal in international business. We welcome your submissions. Reviews are done in-house, will take less than 2 weeks, and typically involve no more than two revisions. Content and copy editors are used to make sure each published article is of the highest quality.