We at globalEDGE often receive inquiries from students wondering if or why they should study international business. For that reason, we have assembled the following FAQ document. Please note that these are general responses to general questions and do not constitute academic advising or career services advice at any institution. Students should always speak with advisors at their home institution before making any course selection or major/minor field decisions.

Students who wish to increase their understanding of global markets and various regions of the world should strongly consider studying international business. The world's economy is increasingly global. Studying international business will provide you with insights into the global economic and business climates. Additionally, many institutions strongly advise (or require) students who major or minor in international business to study a foreign language and/or to complete an overseas study or internship experience. Taken together, such a course of study can be particularly beneficial for students who hope to one day work abroad.

To repeat, the world’s economy is increasingly global. As a result, demand continues to grow for individuals who understand the global context of business: from the logistics of international trade and cross-border investments to the cultural and ethical issues that are imbued in the practice of business around the world. By studying international business, you will learn about world cultures and societies, and be challenged to approach issues from different perspectives. These skills are increasingly valuable to employers faced with the challenge of opening and integrating multiple markets and achieving cohesion and collegiality in increasingly diverse workforces.

Studying international business can prepare students for positions across the public, private, and non-profit sectors, for example in business, government, and international agencies. Students might expect their day-to-day work to revolve around international trade, global business operations and planning, or industrial development, for example. Additionally, international business studies can be greatly beneficial for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in areas such as law or public policy where a robust knowledge of international business can be helpful.

The following video links provide examples of former students who have found success in professions related to international business. 

Tatyana Aguirre - Student Success in Global Trade

Alex Santana - Student Success in Global Trade

The website ConsultaPedia has a survey on its website that allows students to explore which fields within international business they may be interested in as a career. The following link will direct students to that portion of the website.

ConsultaPedia - International Business Career Survey

Consultapedia also has a webpage outlining specific occupations within international business that are available to those in the field, which is included in the below link.

ConsultaPedia - Explore Specific Occupations

Typically international business studies touch on courses and topics across a range of business fields, from finance and marketing to management and accounting. Just as the coursework in those fields is designed to provide students will in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular field, the same is true of international business – it is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the global practices across the spectrum of business fields.