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As the school year ends, we bid adieu to another year of student blogs! It has been another great year of writing to our dedicated readers. Our blogs covered everything from “Swiftonomics” to surges in the gaming industry.

As Michigan State’s 2024 - 2025 academic year concludes, our students are off their paths for the summer ahead. Some students will immerse themselves in internships, gaining experience and honing their skills in real-world settings. Others will set off on exciting journeys of study abroad, embracing new cultures, languages, and experiences. Among their new advantages, our student researchers will continue their pursuit of knowledge. When they return for the fall semester, they will bring back unique experiences and points of view that they can contribute to globalEDGE.


We have one globalEDGE blogger graduating this semester: 

Clare Hampel, graduating with a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and a minor in Sustainability and Environmental Studies. Read Clare's Blogs Here!


We have two graduating visiting authors as well:

Cameron Levis, graduating with a B.A. in Supply Chain Management and a minor in International Business. Read Cameron's Blogs Here!

Daisy Kelly graduated with two degrees in December 2023, the first B.A. in Marketing and a second B.A. in Spanish. This summer, she will graduate again with her M.S. in Marketing Research and Analytics. Read Daisy’s Blogs Here!


We appreciate all the work our fellow student researchers have contributed during their time with us! As our blogs take a break for the summer, we invite you to explore other excellent parts of the globalEDGE website. We look forward to seeing all our readers in the Fall!

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Over the years, sports betting has become one of people’s biggest hobbies as a possible source of partial income. In the United States, the industry made over 10.9 billion dollars in revenue in 2023, the highest it has ever been. Marking almost six years since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed, the act legalized entire sports betting, leading to a massive rise and benefits for the industry. With sports betting being an international phenomenon, various companies are merging worldwide to create a more extensive, robust network for people to watch sporting events.

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This year's mild winter has significantly impacted Europe's ski resorts, where declining snow cover due to climate change is disrupting operations. A recent research paper in a leading environmental science journal revealed that without snowmaking, 53% of Europe’s ski resorts would be at very high risk for insufficient snow supply under a 2°C global warming scenario, which jumps to 98% at 4°C warming. Even with snowmaking covering 50% of their pistes, 27% would still be at high risk under a 2°C increase and 71% at 4°C. This highlights the profound threat climate change poses to the ski tourism industry, crucial for the economies of many of Europe's mountain regions.

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Retirement savings are a looming concern that millions of people across the world are facing daily. Amid economic turbulence, shifting demographics, and an evolving employment landscape, a growing number of people find themselves falling short when it comes to preparing for their golden years. For many, the biggest question about retirement is not how they will spend their free time, but rather if they’ll be able to retire.

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The beauty and personal care industry has always been a stable and reliable industry, but recently, it has especially been on the rise, generating over $625 billion in revenue across the world in 2023. Furthermore, the industry is expected to reach close to $736 billion in global revenue by 2028.

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