Albania: History

  1. 1385

    Until 1912, The Ottoman Empire rules Albania, and much of the population converts to Islam.

  2. 1912

    The Albanians issue the Vlore Proclamation, declaring independence from the weakened Ottoman Empire.

  3. 1944

    Communist resistance forces kick out the foreign troops following occupation by both Italy and Germany, and Enver Hoxha becomes leader of the country.

  4. 1955

    Albania becomes a founding member of the Warsaw Pact.

  5. 1985

    Hoxha dies, ending his 40 year rule of Albania highlighted by ruthlessness, repression, a total ban on religious observance, and increased isolation.

  6. 1989

    Communist rule in Eastern Europe collapses. In the coming years, Albanian society struggles to overcome its years of isolation and underdevelopment.

  7. 1990

    Basic democratic reforms are introduced, including a multiparty system and elections to be held in the next year.

  8. 1997

    Several large pyramid schemes collapse, leaving thousands of people bankrupt. Armed revolts break out across the country, as army stores are looted of their weapons. The government resigns and after general elections, the Socialists return to power.

  9. 2006

    Albania and EU sign a Stabilization and Association Agreement, which is seen as the first step in a possible bid for EU membership.

  10. 2009

    Albania joins NATO and applies for EU membership.


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