Albania: History

  1. 1939

    Albania is invaded by Italy shortly after the start of World War I.

  2. 1943

    Germany invades and occupies Albania following the Italian surrender. 

  3. 1948

    Albania severs ties with Yugoslavia and begins receiving economic aid from the Soviet Union.

  4. 1961

    Albania aligns with China after the Soviet Union ends relations with Albania over an ideological rift. 

  5. 1978

    China ceases economic and military aid to Albania due to strained relations, which resulted from China's reconciliation with the United States.

  6. 1989

    Following the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, Albania, which had previously been an isolationist state, begins to allow some foreign investment in the nation.

  7. 1999

    Approximately 375,000 refugees flock to Albania due to escalating unrest in Kosovo and NATO airstrikes against Yugoslavia.

  8. 2009

    Albania formally applies for a European Union membership, their request is rejected a year later. 


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