Aruba: History

  1. 1499

    Alonso de Ojeda, a Spanish Explorer, discovers the island and claims it for Spain.

  2. 1636

    The Dutch colonize Aruba, making it a part of the Dutch West India Company.

  3. 1816

    The island is returned to the Dutch after being controlled by Britain during the Napoleonic Wars.

  4. 1824

    The discovery of gold on the island leads to a gold rush and prosperity for Aruba.

  5. 1954

    Aruba becomes part of the federation of the Netherlands Antilles.

  6. 1986

    Aruba secedes from the Netherlands Antilles and becomes a separate, autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  7. 2003

    Aruba agrees to a deal with the United States to exchange tax data to fight money-laundering after previously being named as one of 35 "non-cooperative tax havens" in a report by the OECD.


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