Bangladesh: History

  1. 1947

    British colonial rule ends in India, and the territory is divided into two countries, Pakistan and India. Pakistan was created with an Eastern and a Western section; the Eastern section is present-day Bangladesh.

  2. 1971

    East Pakistan declares its independence and is renamed Bangladesh.

  3. 1972

    Sheikh Mujib becomes prime minister, introducing socialist policies in hopes of fixing the country’s economy and infrastructure.

  4. 1982

    After a military coup, General Ershad assumes power, controlling the country for the next eight years. He declares martial law, lasting for four years, and suspends the constitution and political parties.

  5. 1989

    Islam becomes the state religion.

  6. 2013

    Over a thousand workers are killed after a garment factory collapses, prompting European retailers to sign an agreement to provide safer working conditions in their buildings.


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