Bermuda: Government

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Coat of Arms of The Islands of Bermuda

Key Figures

Chief of State: Queen Elizabeth II represented by Governor George Fergusson

Head of Government: Premier Michael Dunkley


Government Name: The Islands of Bermuda

Constitution: Adopted: 1968; Sets out the basic structure of government. Also provides the island with formal responsibility for internal self-government while the government of Britain retains responsibility for external affairs, defense, and security.

Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle Source: ElectionGuide,

The governor has special responsibilities in four areas: external affairs, defense, internal security, and police.

The monarch of the United Kingdom is hereditary and the governor is appointed by the monarch.

No term limit


Judicial jurisdiction of the supreme court includes adjudicating on small claims in civil matters, dealing with a number of regulatory applications, trial of summary criminal offenses, and serving as examining justices on indictable matters.

Nominated by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission and appointed by the governor.

No term limit


The premier is the head of government and the leader of the majority party in the house of assembly, made up of the cabinet and senate.

The premier is appointed by the governor. The senate has 11 members appointed to serve 5-year terms by the governor, premier, and members of opposite parties. The house of assembly has 36 members elected by popular vote to serve 5-year terms.

5 years

International Relations

Foreign Policy Trends: The United Kingdom is formally responsible for Bermuda's foreign and defense policy. U.S. policy toward the UK is the basis of U.S.- Bermuda relations. In the early 20th century, as modern transportation and communication systems developed, Bermuda became a popular destination for wealthy U.S., British, and Canadian tourists. While the tariff enacted in 1930 by the U.S. against its trading partners ended Bermuda's once-thriving agricultural export trade, primarily fresh vegetables to the U.S., it helped spur the overseas territory to develop its tourist industry, which is second only to international business in terms of economic importance to the island.

Regional Trade Blocs: No Regional Trade Blocs.

Treaties: No multilateral military treaties

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Caricom ICC Interpol IOC ITUC UPU

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CIA World Factbook and U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets except where stated otherwise.