Brazil: History

  1. 1500

    The Portuguese land in modern day Brazil and claim the area for the Portuguese crown.

  2. 1822

    The son of the Portuguese king declares independence from Portugal and crowns himself Peter I, Emperor of Brazil.

  3. 1889

    The existing monarchy is overthrown and a federal republic is established with a central government controlled largely by coffee interests.

  4. 1964

    President Joao Goulart is ousted from power and the military assumes power. Under military rule Brazil experiences rapid economic growth based on state-ownership of key sectors.

  5. 1985

    The first civilian president in 21 years is elected under the electoral college system set up by the military.

  6. 1998

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) provides a rescue package after Brazil’s economy is hit hard by the collapse of Asian stock markets.

  7. 2001

    The government agrees to review a seven year, $40 billion government program, that will involve building roads, railways, housing, and hydroelectric systems in the Amazon basin.

  8. 2002

    Brazil’s currency hits an all-time low and financial markets panic in anticipation of the first left-wing president and government elected in the last 40 years.

  9. 2009

    Brazil offers $10 billion to IMF to help improve the availability of credit in developing countries.

  10. 2010

    Brazil approves construction of a controversial hydroelectric dam in the Amazon rainforest.

  11. 2011

    The government launches a welfare program called Brasil Sem Miseria (Brazil Without Poverty) that aims to lift millions out of extreme poverty.

  12. 2013

    To safeguard against future global financial crises, Brazil and China sign a currency swap deal.


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