Central African Republic: History

  1. 1887

    France claims the area of the modern-day Central African Republic in a convention.

  2. 1946

    The French government gives the territory representation in the French parliament and allows local assemblies to be created.

  3. 1960

    The Central African Republic declares independence with David Dacko as the president.

  4. 1965

    Jean-Bedel Bokassa, army commander, leads a nearly bloodless coup and assumes power.

  5. 1976

    Bokassa establishes a monarchy, making himself emperor. He remains in power for the next three years, until he is desposed in a French-backed coup.

  6. 1991

    Political parties become legal, setting up elections and ending 12 years of military rule.

  7. 2006

    Rebel activity intensifies in the northern parts of the country and the government loses control of some territory to the rebel troops.

  8. 2007

    The rebel People’s Democratic Front agrees to a peace accord with the government. Other rebel groups soon also sign peace or cease-fire agreements.


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