Ecuador: History

  1. 1450

    The Incas conquer the Caras people in Quito.

  2. 1531

    Spanish conquerors led by Francisco Pizarro land and defeat the Incas.

  3. 1534

    The Spanish conquer Ecuador and make it part of Peru.

  4. 1536

    Quito, the capital, becomes Spain's administrative district.

  5. 1822

    Forces led by Antonio Jose de Sucre defeat the Spanish royalist army; Ecuador joins Gran Colombia, an independent region which includes Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela.

  6. 1830

    Ecuador separates from Gran Colombia and becomes a fully independent republic.

  7. 1895

    A revolution reduces the influence and power of the Catholic Church and allows for the development of capitalism.

  8. 1963

    A military coup overthrows the president, installing a junta that institutes social and political reforms.

  9. 1972

    Oil production becomes big in Ecuador; Velasco is overthrown in a military coup and a military dictatorship is established.

  10. 1979

    A new constitution is adopted and Ecuador returns to democracy.

  11. 1982

    An economic downfall occurs because of the falling price of oil, putting Ecuador in a state of emergency.

  12. 1992

    Ecuador leaves OPEC.


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