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Fiji: Ministry of Health & Medical Services

The Ministry of Health & Medical Services is responsible for the oversight and regulation of the healthcare industry within Fiji. This site contains information regarding the ministry and available health services as well as a media center with various articles, press releases, and speeches related to improving the healthcare industry.

Other Resources

Fiji: Austrade - Doing Business in Fiji

This subsection of the Austrade website provides information on business culture, starting a business, and the banking and finance sector within Fiji. Topics related to doing business in the country, such as business risks, tariffs and regulations, industries, and taxation are also discussed in detail. A country market profile is also included and describes the economic and political climates as well as trade relations with other countries.

Fiji: South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE)

The South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) is currently the only licensed securities exchange in the Fijian Islands that works to raise capital for various companies by issuing new shares of stock to the public. The SPSE site provides regularly-updated indices and market statistics, company information, and educational tools for prospective investors.