Grenada: Government

Grenada Flag
Coat of Arms of Grenada

Key Figures

Chief of State: Queen Elizabeth II

Head of Government: Prime Minister Keith Mitchell


Government Name: Grenada

Constitution: Formed in 1973; Establishes different branches of government between executive and legislative, acknowledges the Queen as head of state, outlines basic rights of citizens and public services

Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy and a commonwealth realm

Main Powers Election Process Election Cycle Source: ElectionGuide,

The governor-general appoints prime minister and cabinet, acts on the cabinet's advice, and can remove prime minister. The prime minister is in charge of day-to-day executive power operations and advising the governor general.

Leader of majority party appointed as prime minister by governor-general.

5 years


Interpret and apply laws of various member states of the OECS.

Information not available

Information not available


Parliament in charge of passing legislature.

Senate has 10 members appointed by government and 3 appointed by opposing party. The house of representatives are elected by simple majority vote in single-member constituencies.

5 years

International Relations

Foreign Policy Trends: The United States, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil have embassies in Grenada. Grenada has been recognized by most members of the United Nations and maintains diplomatic missions in the United States, Canada, China, Cuba, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. Grenada withdrew recognition of Taiwan in 2004 and subsequently established relations with the People's Republic of China.

Regional Trade Blocks: CARICOM

Treaties: No multilateral military treaties

Tax Authority: Information not available

Tax Name: Information not available


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