Hungary: History

  1. 1241

    A Mongol invasion devastates large parts of Hungary.

  2. 1526

    The Ottoman Turks defeat forces of the Hungarian king and establish control over most of the country.

  3. 1699

    The Austrian Habsburgs expel the Ottoman Turks from Hungary.

  4. 1867

    Hungary becomes an equal partner in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

  5. 1918

    The Austro-Hungarian empire is broken up at the end of World War I.

  6. 1920

    Under the Treaty of Trianon, two-thirds of Hungarian territory is awarded to Czechoslovakia, Romania, Russia, and Yugoslavia.

  7. 1939

    Hungary joins the Anti-Comintern Pact of Germany, Japan, and Italy and withdraws from the League of Nations.

  8. 1949

    A new constitution makes Hungary a Communist state. Industry is nationalized and agriculture is collectivized.

  9. 1990

    The Budapest Stock Exchange opens.

  10. 1991

    Soviet forces leave Hungary and the Warsaw Pact is dissolved.

  11. 1999

    Hungary joins NATO.

  12. 2004

    Hungary is one of ten new states to join the European Union.

  13. 2009

    Hungary signs a deal with Russia to allow Russia's South Stream gas pipeline to go through Hungarian territory and to jointly build an underground gas storage facility in Hungary.


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