Italy: History

  1. 5th Century

    The Roman Empire collapses and present day Italy is subjected to a series of invasions and a lack of political unity.

  2. 1870

    Until 1922, Italy is a constitutional monarchy with limited suffrage.

  3. 1919

    Aligned with the Allies in World War I, Italy gains the following territories as a result of peace treaties: Trentino, South Tyrol, and Trieste.

  4. 1936

    Fascist leader Benito Mussolini forms an axis with Nazi Germany.

  5. 1955

    Italy joins the United Nations.

  6. 1957

    Italy becomes a founding member of the European Economic Community.

  7. 1984

    Roman Catholicism loses status as Italy's state religion.

  8. 1992

    High levels of government corruption spark several years of intense investigations and arrests.

  9. 2002

    The Euro replaces the Lira as Italy's currency.


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