Kosovo: History

  1. 1912

    Serbia regains control of Kosovo from the Turks during the First Balkan War.

  2. 1918

    Kosovo becomes part of the Kingdom of Serbia.

  3. 1941

    A majority of Kosovo  is controlled by Italy during World War II.

  4. 1946

    Following World War II, Kosovo is absorbed into the Yugoslav Federation.

  5. 1974

    The Yugoslav constitution recognizes Kosovo as an autonomous state, granting the province de facto self-government. 

  6. 1989

    Kosovo's autonomous status is stripped by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. 

  7. 1990

    Ethnic Albanian leaders of Kosovo declare independence from Serbia

  8. 1998

    Years of ethnic tension and armed unrest culminate in a brutal Serbian crackdown on Kosovo Albanians. 

  9. 1999

    NATO launches air strikes against Yugoslavia in an attempt to stop the crackdown. Hundreds of thousands of Kosovo Albania refugees flee into neighboring countries. 

  10. 1999

    After months of air strikes, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic withdraws his troops from Kosovo. Both NATO and the UN establish peace forces in Kosovo.

  11. 2006

    A new Serbian constitution, which was approved in a referendum vote, declares Kosovo an integral part of Serbia

  12. 2008

    Kosovo declares independence. The declaration is rejected by Serbs, buy recognized by the United States and other major European powers.

  13. 2010

    The International Court of Justice rules that Kosovo's declaration of independence is not illegal under international law, as was alleged by Serbia.

  14. 2013

    Serbia and Kosovo reach a landmark deal in an attempt to normalize relations between the two nations. 


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