Kuwait: History

  1. 1600s

    The Northeast region of the Arabian peninsula becomes part of the Ottoman Empire.

  2. 1899

    After being granted a degree of semi-autonomy, Kuwait signs a deal with Britain and cedes control to them in order to protect them from Ottoman rule. 

  3. 1937

    Massive oil reserves are discovered by the US-British Kuwait Oil Company.

  4. 1951

    Major infrastructure and public reforms raise the standard of living in Kuwait.

  5. 1961

    Kuwait becomes fully independent, ending a 60 year British protectorate.

  6. 1980

    Kuwait supports Iraq strategically and financially in the Iran-Iraq war. 

  7. 1990

    Iraq invades and then annexes Kuwait after accusing Kuwait of stealing its oil from a field near the borders.

  8. 1991

    A US-led and United Nations backed bombing aerial campaign begins in Kuwait and Iraq, forcing Iraq to pull out. 

  9. 1993

    The UN sets the new Kuwait-Iraq border. .

  10. 2007

    Kuwaitis are urged to conserve electricity as generators struggle to meet demands of economic growth fueled by record oil exports.


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