Macau: History

  1. 1152

    Xiangshan County is established, which is where Macau is administered.

  2. 1557

    The Chinese agree to have the Portuguese establish a settlement in Macau, but merely as a trading post.

  3. 1849

    The Portuguese in Macau declare the region as independent.

  4. 1887

    The Protocol of Lisbon lets the Chinese government recognize Macau's independence, as long as Portugal promises not to surrender Macau to another country without the permission of China.

  5. 1966

    Chinese communists and Macau citizens clash over the legitimacy of the Protocol of Lisbon; it ends with Portugal keeping Macau.

  6. 1979

    China and Portugal recognize Macau as a Chinese region under temporary Portuguese control.

  7. 1987

    Portugal agrees to return Macau back to full Chinese control.


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