Macedonia: History

  1. 6th Century

    Macedonia falls under the control of the Byzantine Empire.

  2. 15th Century

    Ottoman Turks conquer Macedonia.

  3. 1912

    The Balkan countries including Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Greece defeat the Ottomans in the First Balkan War.

  4. 1913

    Ottoman rule ends; The Treaty of Bucharest splits Macedonia between Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

  5. 1914

    WWI breaks out, and Bulgaria occupies Macedonia.

  6. 1918

    The war ends and Macedonia becomes part of Serbia once again; the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes are founded by the Treaty of Versailles.

  7. 1929

    The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes is renamed Yugoslavia.

  8. 1941

    Germany invades Yugoslavia.

  9. 1944

    Yugoslavia is liberated from outside rule.

  10. 1945

    The Yugoslav Socialist Federation is established, which includes Macedonia and five other republics.

  11. 1991

    Macedonia declares its independence from Yugoslavia; a new constitution is adopted which establishes a parliamentary democracy.

  12. 1993

    Macedonia becomes a member of the United Nations.

  13. 2001

    Macedonia's parliament approves a new constitution that gives more rights to native Albanians.


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