Macedonia: History

  1. 1913

    Following the end of the Ottoman Empire Rule, Macedonia is partitioned between modern day Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

  2. 1914

    Macedonia is occupied by Bulgaria during World War I.

  3. 1918

    Following the end of World War I, Macedonia becomes a part of Serbia, which joins The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. 

  4. 1929

    The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes is renamed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

  5. 1941

    Nazi Germany invades Yugoslavia during World War II. Upon the defeat of the Nazi's. the Yugoslav socialist federation is established. 

  6. 1945

    Macedonia becomes one of the republics in the new Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The other republics include Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia

  7. 1991

    Macedonia declares themselves independence following a voter referendum. Greece refuses to recognize the nation, as it objects to the name Macedonia, which is the name of one of its own provinces. 

  8. 1994

    Greece imposes trade restrictions on Macedonia as a part of the naming dispute. 

  9. 1995

    Greece recognizes Macedonia's independence and lifts the trade restrictions. 

  10. 2005

    Macedonia becomes a candidate for European Union membership.


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