• Following the end of the Ottoman Empire Rule, Macedonia is partitioned between modern-day Serbia, Bulgaria, and Greece.

  • Macedonia is occupied by Bulgaria during World War I.

  • Following the end of World War I, Macedonia becomes a part of Serbia, which joins The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. 

  • The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes is renamed the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

  • Nazi Germany invades Yugoslavia during World War II. Upon the defeat of the Nazi's. the Yugoslav socialist federation is established. 

  • Macedonia becomes one of the republics of the new Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The other republics include Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia

  • Macedonia declares themselves independence following a voter referendum. Greece refuses to recognize the nation, as it objects to the name Macedonia, which is the name of one of its own provinces. 

  • Greece imposes trade restrictions on Macedonia as a part of the naming dispute. 

  • Greece recognizes Macedonia's independence and lifts the trade restrictions. 

  • Macedonia becomes a candidate for European Union membership.

  • Macedonia officially changes its name to "North Macedonia."

  • North Macedonia signs an accession protocol to become a member state of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


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