Madagascar: History

  1. 1500s

    Portuguese sailors come into contact with Madagascar island.

  2. 1790s

    Merina rulers take control over most of Madagascar.

  3. 1817

    Slave trade is abolished.

  4. 1885

    France makes Madagascar a protectorate.

  5. 1895

    France takes absolute power over Madagascar, and drives out Merina rule.

  6. 1946

    Madagascar becomes an overseas territory of France.

  7. 1958

    Madagascar becomes an autonomous state within France and names itself the Malagasy Republic.

  8. 1960

    Madagascar gains full independence.

  9. 1975

    A coup against the government occurs, and the country is renamed the Democratic Republic of Madagascar.

  10. 1992

    More democratic reforms are introduced, leading to the adoption of a new constitution.


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