Morocco: History

  1. 1884

    Spain creates a protectorate in coastal areas of Morocco.

  2. 1912

    Morocco becomes a French protectorate under the Treaty of Fez.

  3. 1956

    Unrest and strong nationalist sentiment lead to the end of the French protectorate in Morocco. Spain retains control over its two coastal enclaves.

  4. 1975

    Spain agrees to leave Spanish Sahara, soon to be called Western Sahara, and transfers it to joint Moroccan-Mauritanian control.

  5. 1988

    Full diplomatic relations resume with Algeria.

  6. 1991

    A United Nations-monitored ceasefire begins in Western Sahara, but the territory's status remains undecided.

  7. 2004

    A free trade agreement with the United States comes into effect after the US designates Morocco as a major non-NATO ally.

  8. 2011

    "Thousands partake in ""Arab Spring"" protests, in which protestors call for political reform and a new constitution that limits the king's powers. "


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