Namibia: History

  1. 1886

    Germany annexes the territory as South West Africa.

  2. 1920

    The League of Nations grants South Africa a mandate to govern South West Africa (SWA).

  3. 1961

    The UN General Assembly demands that South Africa terminate its mandate and make SWA independent.

  4. 1968

    South West Africa is officially renamed Namibia by the UN General Assembly.

  5. 1988

    South Africa agrees to Namibian independence in exchange for the removal of Cuban troops from Angola.

  6. 1990

    Namibia is declared independent.

  7. 2007

    China's President Hu Jintao visits Namibia and signs aid and economic co-operation agreements.

  8. 2011

    Namibia's Mines and Energy Minister says Namibia has discovered an estimated 11 billion barrels of offshore oil reserves.


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