Nepal: History

  1. 1814-1816

    Nepal is defeated by Britain in the Anglo-Nepalese War. A treaty establishes Nepal's current boundaries.

  2. 1846

    The Rana family gains power and works to isolate Nepal from external influences.

  3. 1923

    A treaty with Britain affirms Nepal's sovereignty.

  4. 1955

    Nepal joins the United Nations.

  5. 1959

    A multi-party constitution is adopted.

  6. 1962

    "King Mahendra declares parliamentary democracy a failure and promotes a new constitution that establishes a ""partyless system"" of councils, which is claimed to be a democratic form of government closer to Nepalese traditions. "

  7. 2004

    Nepal joins the World Trade Organization.

  8. 2008

    Nepal becomes a republic with Ram Baran Yadav as its first president.


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