Norway: History

  1. 1380

    Norway and Iceland enter a union with the Danish crown.

  2. 1397

    The Union of Kalmar unites Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

  3. 1814

    Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden.

  4. 1905

    The Norwegian parliament proclaims independence from Sweden.

  5. 1949

    Norway joins the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

  6. 1959

    Norway becomes a founding member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

  7. Late 1960

    Oil and gas deposits are discovered in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. Exploitation of these resources throughout the 1970's leads to oil and gas exports comprising nearly one-third of the nation's annual export earnings.

  8. 1972

    Norwegian voters reject membership into the European Economic Commission by a 6% margin.

  9. 1973

    Norway signs a free trade agreement with the European Economic Commission.

  10. 1994

    Norwegians reject membership of the European Union in a referendum by a narrow margin of 5%.


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