Romania: History

  1. 1862

    Prince Cuza unifies two of the three Danubian principalities, Moldavia and Wallachia, and created a new state, Romania, and launches policies to restructure the economy.

  2. 1878

    Romania proclaims full independence from the Ottoman Empire after siding with Russia in the Russo-Turkish War.

  3. 1904

    The opening of the first refinery in Romania marks the beginning of the oil industry.

  4. 1918

    Romania acquired several territories as part of the peace treaty signed after World War I.

  5. 1947

    Romania regains the last Danubian principality, Transylvania, after signing a peace treaty with the Soviet Union.

  6. 1985

    Romania's strict policies on spending in order to cut its foreign debt led to significant food shortages and widespread power cuts. 

  7. 1997

    Economic reform programs implemented in order to reignite its large industries. 

  8. 2004

    After being invited in 2002 to join, Romania becomes officially admitted to the NATO.

  9. 2007

    After reforms where implemented as promised in the accession treaty, Romania joins the European Union.

  10. 2009

    Romania was handed a rescue package worth 20 billion euros by the International Monetary Fund and other major lenders. 

  11. 2010

    The Romanian government takes several decisions in order to trim its debt, including wage cuts and an increase in VAT which was deemed unfavorable by the public and led to many protests and strikes. 


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