Saint Lucia: History

  1. 1502

    The Spanish are the first Europeans to land on the islands.

  2. 1635

    The French establish a colony on the island.

  3. 1814

    France gives up control of the island to Britain in the Treaty of Paris. The British proclaim St. Lucia a crown colony and bring African slaves to work on the sugar cane plantations.

  4. 1834

    Slavery is abolished on the islands.

  5. 1924

    St. Lucia is granted self-government, and a constitution is ratified that includes a partially elected legislative council.

  6. 1958

    St. Lucia enters the Federation of the West Indies, although it only lasts four years.

  7. 1964

    The sugar cane industry is closed on the island.

  8. 1967

    St. Lucia becomes an associated state of the United Kingdom, meaning the island has full responsibility for internal self-government, but the United Kingdom retains control over external affairs and defense.

  9. 1979

    St. Lucia becomes an independent state in the Commonwealth.

  10. 1993

    Strikes and civil unrest follow a fall in the price of bananas.


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