Seychelles: History

  1. 1768

    French planters and their slaves begin settling in Seychelles.

  2. 1794

    Seychelles is annexed by Britain.

  3. 1903

    Seychelles becomes a British crown colony.

  4. 1976

    Seychelles becomes independent and is governed by a coalition.

  5. 1991

    President Rene restores Seychelles to a multiparty democracy.

  6. 2003

    Seychelles pulls out of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as part of the country's economic reform plan.

  7. 2009

    Somali pirates move their operations southwards to Seychelles as security is increased in the Gulf of Aden.

  8. 2009

    In November, Seychelles and the European Union sign an anti-piracy agreement which will allow EU troops to be deployed on the islands.


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