Suriname: History

  1. 1651

    The first permanent European settlement in Suriname is established by the British.

  2. 1667

    The British give their part of Suriname to the Netherlands for present day New York City.

  3. 1916

    The Aluminium Company of America (Alcoa) begins mining an ore of aluminium, bauzite, which eventually tuns into Suriname's main export. 

  4. 1954

    Suriname is given full autonomy, however, the Netherlands retain control of its defense and foreign affairs.

  5. 1975

    Suriname becomes independent from the Netherlands. A third of the population subsequently emigrates o the Netherlands. 

  6. 1982

    The Netherlands and the United States both cut off economic aid due to an armed forces seize of power.

  7. 2004

    The Suriname Dollar replaces the Guilder in an attempt to restore confidence in its economy.


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